Studies Indicate 95% of Danes Prefer Digital Mail Over Physical Mail

A recent study conducted by Voxmeter on behalf of e-Boks reveals that ordinary Danes are ready to abandon physical mail. The preference for receiving mail digitally is clear among the population.

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95 %

favour a digital postal solution according to the Voxmeter studies.

In conjunction with the release of its first-quarter financial report, PostNord announced that the market share for physical mail has fallen by 26% as a direct consequence of the new liberal postal law, which came into effect in January 2024. Calculations indicate that the costs associated with sending physical mail have increased by up to 50%, and for VAT-exempt sectors, the increase is as high as 88%. These heightened expenses have driven businesses and organisations to explore digital postal solutions.

The Voxmeter study further reveals that among 1,500 Danes, fewer than 5% prefer receiving physical mail from their bank or pension provider.


95% Opt for Digital Mail

The remaining 95% favour a digital postal solution. e‑Boks, Denmark's most widely used digital postbox, welcomes the increased interest from businesses and organisations in digital mail solutions, following the implementation of the new postal law. This shift means that more Danes will receive digital post in the future.

-We have made significant strides in digitalisation in Denmark, including the transition from traditional physical mail to digital mail. Although it has been possible to send digital post through e‑Boks for over 23 years, we continue to assist businesses in fully or partially digitalising their communication. The new postal law has certainly enhanced the relevance of our service for businesses and organisations, explains Anders Ørding Olsen, Chief Commercial Officer at e-Boks.

Anders Ørding Olsen continues:

-The study clearly shows that Danes no longer require physical mail. There is simply no longer a customer demand to justify maintaining the now even more costly physical mail delivery.

An additional advantage of digital solutions like e-Boks is the high security of delivery, enhanced credibility for the recipient, high opening rates, and extensive coverage.

-Through e-Boks, businesses can reach nearly all their customers cost-effectively. With a coverage rate exceeding 90% among Danes, e-Boks serves as a robust channel to reach citizens nationwide, states Anders Ørding Olsen.

The Voxmeter study also reveals that approximately 80% of Danes consider e-Boks the most reliable communication platform, compared to only 5% who express this sentiment about physical mail. When it comes to other digital solutions, such as email, only about 3% of respondents feel comfortable using email as a communication medium. Consequently, emails suffer from significantly lower opening rates, hindering effective contact between sender and recipient.

Jesper Højte StenbækHead of Transport and Infrastructure at the business organisation

“Our advice, as always, is to consider the situation and optimise according to the opportunities provided by the market and legislation. In this context, digitalisation is often a highly relevant tool.”

Dansk Erhverv: The new law may require adaptation

Dansk Erhverv expresses general satisfaction with the liberalisation of the postal law and welcomes the increased competition, including in the parcel market.

Jesper Højte Stenbæk, Head of Transport and Infrastructure at the business organisation, encourages companies that still send physical mail to reconsider whether they have the appropriate postal solution following the legislative changes.

-Our advice, as always, is to consider your situation and optimise according to the opportunities provided by the market and legislation. In this context, digitalisation is often a highly relevant tool, says Jesper Højte Stenbæk.


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