e-Boks becomes a member of the Universal Postal Union Consultative Committee

e-Boks have recently become a member of the Universal Postal Union's Consultative Committee (UPU CC) which marks a significant stride in the evolution of global postal services. This move symbolises a growing synergy between the traditional postal framework and cutting-edge digital technologies. 

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  • An integral part of the Universal Postal Union, encompassing 192 member states. 
  • Enhances postal sector efficiency, relevance and inclusiveness. 
  • Focuses on digital transformation and sustainable development.

Introducing the UPU and the consultative committee

The Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialised agency of the United Nations established in 1874, plays a pivotal role in promoting cooperation among global postal sector entities. Its goal is to create a universally accessible network offering modern products and services. 

The UPU Consultative Committee, a key component within this structure, brings together a diverse group of postal sector stakeholders, including private entities, suppliers, and associations. This committee offers a vital platform for these players to express their views, exchange knowledge, and actively participate in shaping the UPU's strategic decisions, thereby influencing the future trajectory of the global postal industry.


Synergies between e-Boks and the UPU CC

e-Boks joining the UPU CC is a significant milestone for the company and highlights the potential for collaboration between digital technology providers and traditional postal systems. e-Boks' expertise in secure digital postbox solutions aligns with the UPU's aim to improve the global postal system. This collaboration is poised to spur innovation in postal services, making them more efficient, secure, and user-friendly. e-Boks' proficiency in digital communication and document management will significantly contribute to the UPU's goal of developing an inclusive, digital, modern, and relevant postal service worldwide.


Walter TrezekChair of the UPU Consultative Committee

“The UPU has undertaken significant steps to enhance its role as unifier of networks and solutions, by enabling postal operators and their partners to deploy applications to exchange mandatory data on postal item level in advance. Adding secured electronic postal services, ensuring the data integrity, privacy and protection is a core requirement for trust in the global postal network in the 21st century. e-Boks, based on its proven record of success, will play an important part in enhancing and revising the necessary products and services, as well as harmonising the technical and messaging standards to the benefit of the UPU and citizens worldwide.”

Nice to know

  • As a standard-setting body, UPU is crucial in forging consensus among member nations on standards, products, and workflows in postal services. 

When postal operators and tech enablers collaborate

e-Boks, an affiliated organisation of PostNord, exemplifies one such vision, where e-Boks is the provider of the digital infrastructure for PostNord, revolutionising the distribution of digital letters. This platform has for more than 20 years been enabling and elevating PostNord to a key position in the digital postal service arena, enhancing its communication capabilities. e-Boks' initiative in facilitating secure, seamless digital post-delivery has streamlined PostNord's operations, bolstering its reputation as a premier provider of digital postal solutions that meet modern consumer demands.


Around the table with Marjan Osvald, Deputy Director General of the UPU, Alexander Thern-Svanberg, CC Secretariat, Anders Ørding Olsen, CCO of e-Boks and Dame Damevski, Director, International Markets of e-Boks



A key aspect of e-Boks' membership in the UPU CC is also within standardisation. The UPU, as a standard-setting body, is crucial in forging consensus among member nations on standards, products, and workflows in postal services. This standardisation is essential for maintaining a cohesive, efficient global postal network. e-Boks' involvement introduces a new perspective, especially in digital infrastructure. Agreement on digital infrastructure standards between postal operators and technology providers is critical. It enables companies like e-Boks to create globally compatible products, benefiting postal operators by allowing them to provide top-tier services to customers. This partnership fosters a more integrated, innovative, and user-friendly postal ecosystem that transcends borders.

Anders Ørding Olsen, CCO at e-Boks, is thrilled that e-Boks has become a member of the UPU CC. He explains “As e-Boks joins the UPU Consultative Committee, we proudly embrace our role in digitising global postal services. This membership merges our expertise of supplying encrypted platforms for secure distribution of digital post with the vision of the UPU CC, enhancing accessibility and efficiency. We're committed to innovating postal solutions, making them relevant and adaptable in the digital era. This marks a significant step towards a future where digital and traditional postal services coexist seamlessly, benefiting everyone globally.”

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  • e-Boks has more than 20 years’ experience as a provider of digital infrastructure.
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