Cumulo9 and e-Boks form a partnership to improve digital communication in APAC

In a significant move to bolster digital communication capabilities, e-Boks has entered a partnership with Cumulo9, a renowned provider of digital communication and infrastructure solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine the standards of digital interaction between businesses and their customers, leveraging the strengths of both organizations to offer a more secure, efficient, and integrated communication experience. 

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  • e-Boks facilitates the secure Digital Postbox Platform to Cumulo9
  • Cumulo9 is now equipped to distribute and offer an additional channel to their clients
  • Clients benefit from the combined expertise of both e-Boks and Cumulo9, receiving a comprehensive solution for their communication and document management needs

Cumulo9: elevating communication standards

Cumulo9, based in Auckland, New Zealand, has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of digital communication. Their expertise has enabled businesses across various sectors to optimize their customer communication, ensuring not only efficiency but also enhanced customer engagement. The partnership with e-Boks marks a significant step in Cumulo9’s journey, as they integrate a highly secure digital postbox channel into their suite of services. 


A symbiotic partnership enhancing security and compliance 

The partnership offers customers a combination of e-Boks' digital postbox and Cumulo9’s customer communication management system and other complementary offerings, resulting in a solution that significantly elevates businesses’ digital communication standards. 


Chris Hogg, CEO of Cumulo9 shaking hands with Ulrik Falkner Thagesen, CEO of e-Boks


In an era where data security and regulatory compliance are crucial, this collaboration is particularly impactful. e-Boks' secure digital postbox channel, fortified with stringent security protocols, enhances the protection offered by Cumulo9's communication solutions. More than safeguarding sensitive data, this partnership provides a solid framework for businesses to navigate the complexities of global data protection laws. By combining e-Boks' expertise in secure data handling with Cumulo9's innovative digital communication offerings, this partnership is poised to redefine digital interaction, empowering businesses to communicate with heightened confidence and compliance. 


Chris HoggCEO for Cumulo9

”e-Boks has demonstrated a shared commitment to digital excellence and innovation that perfectly aligned with our strategic focus at Cumulo9. The integration of e-Boks' secure digital postbox platform together with Cumulo9's robust suite of communication solutions and digital capabilities allows us to offer a seamless and comprehensive digital communications infrastructure solution in the market. Together, we have forged a powerful partnership that not only expands our business opportunities but also brings immense value to our clients.”


  • Instant and encrypted delivery of documents
  • 100% guarantee of delivery coupled with read-receipts
  • End-users enjoy a spam-free environment without phishing attempts

Sustainability: A key advantage for businesses 

The partnership is also a beacon of environmental responsibility. Both companies, known for their eco-conscious ethos, including Cumulo9’s recent BCorp certification and e-Boks' dedication to the UN Global Compact, integrate sustainability into their core operations. This collaboration extends beyond technological innovation, underscoring a shared commitment to green practices through digital opportunities within communication. Their joint efforts not only enhance efficiency and security but also align with global sustainability goals, reducing the carbon footprint of business operations. This alliance sets a precedent in harmonizing technological advancement with environmental stewardship, paving the way for a more sustainable digital future. 


Streamlining business communications 

The solution will significantly streamline business communications, offering a secure and efficient channel for customer interactions. It introduces a system where document delivery is not only encrypted and instantaneous but also comes with a 100% guarantee of delivery that is coupled with read receipts. This ensures immediate and reliable transmission of sensitive documents, a critical feature for time-sensitive communications. 

For end-users, a key benefit of this system is the complete removal of spam and phishing attempts. By utilizing secure and verified channels, the risk of receiving unsolicited or malicious communications are nullified. This added layer of security is invaluable in today's digital landscape, where phishing and spam pose significant threats to both individuals and businesses. 


Future opportunities in the APAC region

As digital communication continues to evolve, this partnership positions e-Boks and Cumulo9 at the forefront of the industry. The collaboration is not just about responding to current trends but actively shaping the future of digital communications. It reflects a commitment to continuous innovation, ensuring that businesses in the APAC regions have access to the best tools to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

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  • e-Boks has more than 22 years’ experience as a provider of digital infrastructure.
  • We have developed solutions in co-operation with public organizations and are provider of national digital post solution in Denmark, Norway, Greenland and Irland.
  • Many of the leading banks, insurance and pension companies have preferred e-Boks as supplier and development partner instead of pursuing their own solutions.

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