How to generate secure payslips and other HR documents

The backbone of any efficient office is its human resources department that makes sure everyone is paid on time and that all documents are accounted for. To keep the workplace running smoothly, all HR-related documents should be stored, processed, and sent in an organised way. 

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Going digital

You won’t need to waste paper resources and the hours preparing them

Paper is filling up all the space

You may be one of the companies that still use paper and big filing cabinets to track their employees' and clients' records. The bigger the company, the more papers need to be processed. You may even need to buy more filing cabinets. This is especially true for enterprises creating payslips and employment contracts to different branches or a government organisation sending Memorandum of Agreements. 


Paper payslips versus digital payslips and other HR documents

The good news is, in this digital age, there’s a better way to handle these documents. Take, for example, payslips. The small sheet of paper that lists your employees’ take-home pay, deductions, and benefits don’t seem like much. However, it’s one of the easiest yet most important office functions that you can digitise. It’s a modern world and paper is becoming a tedious resource. It’s time to make the switch. Let’s break it down.


1. Energy consumption

It’s no secret that using paper is outdated nowadays. Not only are trees being cut down in their prime to manufacture paper, its production takes up much energy and generates a lot of waste. With companies required to issue billions of these receipts all over the world, can you imagine how many forests are being mowed down just for payslips?


2. Confidentiality issues

Imagine leaving your payslip, your employee contract, or any other private document at your desk. An unwitting colleague picks it up thinking it was a memo or some random paperwork. Then suddenly, your salary and company loans are known to everyone. With online platforms for payslips and other documents, the number of eyes that can see your remuneration is limited to you and maybe human resources. 


3. Streamlined procedures

Here’s another scenario: you place your payslip on your desk and the next thing you know, it’s lost or got mixed up with other documents. You need to go to HR and request another one. There’s also the manner of lining up and filing more paperwork. There are just too many steps compared to the few clicks of a mouse when everything is online.




× Consumes paper, ink,       storage

Consumes data

× Accessible via human       resources

Accessible online

× May be lost or               misplaced

Found on the cloud

× May be stolen from the      filing cabinet

Security measures are            updated and reinforced          regularly

× Goes through red tape

Goes through the user


While paper payslips, contracts and other documents may have had its advantages back in the day, the continuous and rapid move towards digital has made it redundant and tiresome.


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Why should you shift to paperless payslips?

Here are some examples of why you should shift to paperless payslips:


1. Business is now done online

Even before the pandemic, many corporations and businesses have already made the switch to digitisation. If anything, the coronavirus and its push to keep people at home only accelerated this inevitable transition.

Now that most of our daily tasks—from leisure to work—are done online, it only makes sense for payslips to be online as well. Can you imagine working from home but going to the office to retrieve a little slip of paper?


2. There are long-term rewards of going paperless

Apart from saving trees and improving your environmental footprint, a digital payroll will eventually save you money.

Consider this sequence of events: by removing paper payslips or other HR documents, you will cut costs on printing and electricity. You also don’t need to spend time and other resources on them. 

This is because paper documents would need to be printed, folded, placed in envelopes, and distributed manually. You may need another slip of paper where the employees could sign, verifying that they got the correct payslip. If all these processes could be digitised, not only will you be saving resources, they could also be stored securely.

By going digital, you won’t need to waste paper resources and the hours preparing them. 


3. Convenience and accessibility

We don’t need to emphasize the convenience of the internet at this point, but that handiness extends to electronic payslips. With an online platform for payslips and other company documents, employees can access not just their current payslips but the ones from the past, clarifying any accounting issues much easier. Not only that, accessing payslips or contracts easier will help them have proof of payment when applying for loans, mortgages, and other financial requirements.


4. Decreased margin of error

We’re not just talking about an employee misplacing his payslip. Paper payslips could get into the wrong hands. Aside from this, a company still manually processing or typing HR documents could easily make mistakes compared to an automated and digitised system.  


5. Improved employee engagement

When an employee gets their payslip, it’s usually the end of the conversation. However, any curious deficiency or modification usually causes resentment. With e-payslips, it would be easier to address the concerns of employees because they are sent instantly. This means that employees can spot deficiencies right away and they can communicate any concern immediately. 


How do you shift to paperless payslips and other documents?

Before shifting to paperless payslips and other documents you need to consider these factors:


Does it conform with legal requirements?

If you’re outsourcing your payroll system provider, make sure that they conform with legal requirements under labor or data laws. Many countries have laws regarding company payrolls and payslips, so keeping compliant to regulations is a must in order to facilitate a smoother transition and to avoid complications.


Do you have a payroll partner you can trust?

For many businesses, it’s much more convenient to outsource a third-party provider to settle digitisation of office processes. Not only do these providers have systems in place, they have comprehensive service packages that also include intense security protocols.

Always do due diligence with a partner you can trust to handle important tasks such as the payroll. At e-Boks, we provide digital post boxes and we also offer an effective, secure, and user-friendly platform that facilitates services and integrations. We enable digital distribution, interaction, and storage of important digital information and of course, one of our features is the facilitation of e-payslips.


How can you use the e-Boks platform to send secure e-payslips and HR documents?

If you have a big enterprise or a government office that needs to send thousands or millions of secure digital payslips and other HR documents, the first thing you have to do is procure our digital postbox platform for communication. After that, sending digital payslips will be a breeze! You may send these documents to your employees, constituents, etc. 


By digitising these processes, you can:

  • Save money and resources because there is no need to buy paper, envelopes, filing cabinets, etc. 

  • Minimise manual error of encoding data or sending the wrong documents 

  • Send e-payslips, contracts, and other documents instantly and upon request 

  • Receive signed private documents hassle-free from employees or clients who are located remotely 

  • Store these documents permanently in a secure place that won’t take up physical office space   

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by going paperless


We at e-Boks can be your ideal partner when it comes to digitising office systems, not only because of our safe, reliable, and comprehensive setups but because we are committed to a higher cause. 

Because we are dedicated to conservation, we are shifting towards climate-neutral data and renewable energy. Our cloud is also powered by windmills. On top of that, we are committed to planting trees and providing livelihood for smallholder farmers. 


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