How e-Boks Helps Organisations Distribute Documents Securely through Its Encrypted Platform

Maintaining online security is becoming increasingly difficult in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The number of cybersecurity threats is growing, yet organisations still struggle with mitigating privacy and security risks. One of the biggest security risks stems from poor document-sharing practices across organisations, which leads to a higher risk of data leakage and other security vulnerabilities particularly within regulated industries where sharing confidential information is crucial. 

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22 years

Experience that e-Boks has in secure distribution of sensitive documents within regulated industries.

Secure document sharing is the practice of transferring digital documents or files among individuals, organisations, or devices while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the shared data. It involves the use of encryption, access controls, and other security measures to protect documents from unauthorised access.


The Need for Secure Document Sharing in Today's Digital Landscape

Secure online document sharing is indispensable, especially in regulated sectors in the wake of daily security threats. As organisations undergo digital transformations, understanding the intricacies of data protection becomes paramount.

The accelerated shift toward remote work, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscores secure document sharing’s role in facilitating remote collaboration and safeguarding sensitive information.

The growing threat of cyberattacks, including data breaches and ransomware, highlights sharing encrypted documents as a crucial defence against unauthorised access and data compromise. Additionally, the use of cloud tools, mobile devices, and the need to maintain client trust all contribute to the vital role of secure document sharing.

Failure to implement security and privacy practices within organisations can result in severe consequences. Organisations may face legal liabilities, financial penalties, and reputational damage. That’s why sharing documents securely, especially in regulated sectors where data protection is paramount should be a regular practice in organisations.


Why Organisations Can't Afford to Compromise on Sharing Confidential Information

Organisations can’t afford to risk sharing confidential information without implementing the necessary security measures. Working with confidential client information leaves organisations vulnerable to data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. That can lead to horrible consequences such as legal repercussions and financial losses.

Organisations are in the critical need of reliable and secure document-sharing solutions. Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions such as e-Boks emerge as game-changers in this regard. CCM solutions represent a comprehensive approach to sharing documents securely. They help with integrating encryption, access controls, version tracking, and audit trails.

CCM tools help empower businesses to safeguard sensitive data, as well as meet compliance requirements and maintain trust with clients and stakeholders. Additionally, CCM solutions enhance productivity within the organisation.


The Pitfalls of Conventional Document-Sharing Methods

Conventional document-sharing methods come with several inherent pitfalls and vulnerabilities. These weaknesses include:

  • Lack of encryption: Data is vulnerable to exploitation
  • Limited access controls: Higher risk of unauthorised access
  • Absence of version tracking: Affects accountability and collaboration
  • No audit trails: Low compliance efforts
  • Reliance on email attachments: This limits security features
  • Data redundancy: Repetitive and inconsistent data sharing practices
  • Increased risk of data breaches: Puts sensitive information at risk
  • Potential compliance violations: Fails to meet regulatory requirements
  • Intellectual property theft: Insufficient protection for proprietary data
  • Compromised confidentiality: Threatens the security of sensitive information

Helena CimberProduct Director at e-Boks

"Think of e-Boks as an electronic post delivery system, where the document data is sent through a secure and robust infrastructure, with guaranteed delivery. The system employs advanced encryption and adheres to international data protection regulations. This makes the solution ideal for sending a diverse range of documents, including personal and sensitive content, such as invoices, banking statements, official notices, and health records."


delivery of documents to intended recipients guaranteed through the e-Boks platform.

Introducing e-Boks: A Secure Document Sharing Platform You Can Trust

e-Boks is a renowned and trusted CCM software provider founded in Denmark in 2001, with a strong reputation in the Nordic region. Since then, we have become a pioneer in making online document distribution secure. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a go-to platform for businesses and individuals seeking secure, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for digital document management.

Our team is highly committed to data security and privacy, which has led to our widespread recognition in the Nordic countries. We continuously evolve our platform to meet the strictest regulatory requirements in the region, including GDPR compliance.

With a track record of innovation and a user-friendly interface, e-Boks has established itself as an integral part of the digital landscape. Its platform offers various features including secure messaging, encrypted document sharing, electronic signing, and much more.


22 Years of Secure Digital Communication

e-Boks has been a leader in secure digital communication and secure document transfer for over 22 years. We are committed to secure digitalisation and have achieved numerous milestones in this area, including:

  • Secure document sharing: e-Boks offers secure digital document exchange services, recognizing the importance of data security in a rapidly digitising world.
  • Compliance with regulations: e-Boks seamlessly complies with stringent Nordic and European regulations, such as GDPR.
  • Trust from regulated industries: e-Boks is trusted by highly regulated sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and government.
  • Constant innovation: e-Boks continually innovates its platforms to meet the evolving needs of its users, incorporating advanced features like electronic signatures, encrypted document sharing, and secure messaging.
  • Global expansion: e-Boks has expanded its footprint across the globe, serving customers in Denmark, Norway, Greenland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
  • Customizable platform: e-Boks offers a SaaS platform that is easy to implement and maintain, and it is highly customizable to meet the changing needs of its customers.


A Secure Document Sharing Solution That Transforms CCM Service Providers

e-Boks is a secure channel for CCM service providers and can help them enhance revenue streams and maximise customer value. The platform includes various features and benefits, including improved productivity by eliminating manual handling of physical documents, reduced costs of printing with fast digital document exchange, lowered maintenance with free security updates, and security compliance with EU regulations.

e-Boks also ensures advanced sustainability by transitioning from paper to digital posts. Using sustainable resources, e-Boks transforms document digitization in a way that makes it more eco-friendly. e-Boks also partnered with government entities to ensure seamless delivery of information about utility disruptions and changes in utility service provision.

Finally, e-Boks can guarantee 100% delivery of documents to intended recipients and foster increased engagement and conversion rates. It is a valuable asset for CCM service providers who want to modernise their client’s communication systems.


e-Boks' Encrypted CCM Platform: Sharing Encrypted Documents with Unparalleled Security

e-Boks places a high emphasis on ensuring a secure and encrypted platform for its users. Here are the key aspects of e-Boks’ security measures and encryption protocols.

  • Encryption protocols: e-Boks uses security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is integrated into modern browsers. SSL encryption ensures that the data such as national identity numbers remains inaccessible to unauthorised entities.
  • Access control: Access to e-Boks requires the use of a national identity number for identification, which adds an extra security layer.
  • Secure storage: Documents within e-Boks are securely stored at KMD
  • The stance against encryption backdoors: e-Boks expresses a clear stance against creating backdoors for their encryption software as it would breach their data security policy. e-Boks is committed to maintaining robust encryption and security measures.


A Trusted Partner for CCM Service Providers

Partnering with e-Boks can offer CCM service providers a myriad of benefits. Some of them include expanding their reach, unlocking new revenue streams, and using a trusted and secure solution.

e-Boks’ platform is designed to send sensitive content in a 100% GDPR-compliant environment, which can be pivotal for CCM service providers dealing with sensitive customer communications. Moreover, the platform helps in optimising and streamlining various internal processes. That can help with freeing up resources, which could lead to operational efficiency and cost savings.


Why Regulated Industries Trust e-Boks

e-Boks works with clients in a variety of sectors and industries to deliver better results. It has earned the trust of highly regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, and government organisations. Prominent banks rely on e-Boks for secure document management and communication. e-Boks' robust encryption and compliance features ensure that sensitive financial information is handled with the utmost security.

e-Boks and Mastercard recently joined forces to develop a new payment solution with open banking, allowing users to receive invoice on e-Boks, and then can securely pay in a few clicks without having to leave the platform. 

Prominent payment processors, such as BOKIS, have signed contracts with e-Boks to provide a more reliable and secure way to share sensitive financial information.

e-Boks also helps European countries with modernised mailbox solutions. Ireland collaborated with e-Boks' digital platform to introduce Digital Postboxes, a powerful and secure platform for exchanging digital post.

Endorsed by leading organisations and supported by tangible results, e-Boks stands as a reliable choice for regulated sectors. It offers compliance, security, and efficiency in a dynamic digital landscape.


The Future of Secure Document Sharing

As we navigate through the digital world, the importance of reliable, secure, and innovative ways to transfer documents cannot be overstated. e-Boks not only meets but exceeds those demands, offering a future-proof platform that easily adapts to the changing needs of businesses and individuals alike.

By collaborating with e-Boks, CCM service providers can provide a trusted and innovative solution that redefines the way they engage with their customers, setting them apart as a leader in their industries.

Partner with e-Boks and shape the future of secure document sharing, where privacy, security, and communication are at the forefront, for a more connected tomorrow.

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